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It has been discovered that 90 days is the optimal time frame for changing a habit. Move from drudgery to positivity to magic by working through past programming from society, relationships and family.


There are three parts:

Clearing my Past

Present Moment Awareness

Creating a Bright Future


Each part has 5 thoughts to reflect on with 6 days of journal entries for each thought/affirmation.


Colorful, meaningful and whimsical, this healing journal is a great companion for those seeking a more meaningful, magical life!



The Time is Now... There are 144,000 souls in the Christ Vibration. They hold the electro-magnetic blueprint for our planet. The 144K are the spiritual elders and the spiritual leadership. This group must ascend (raise their consciousness) first and then take their chosen place in society. Through quantum entanglement and law of attraction, the rest of Earth's inhabitants will follow. E book available on all outlets. Available as a soft cover on Amazon and B&N.


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 Ascension Simplified... Christ Consciousness or Ascension is a state of bliss and an eternal connection to the creative force. This booklet is a straight-forward and easy to understand guide to Ascension - its nuances and the process itself. Alana Kay is a Christian Mystic and Intuitive Master Channel and has gone through the Ascension process in this lifetime as well as other lifetimes. It is a matter of becoming the embodiment of the twelve aspects of spiritual Love. The process requires some work, but it is worth it in the end. Bonus Material: Meditation Made Easy. E book available on all outlets. Soft cover available on Amazon, B&N. Carolyn from Boston, MA wrote: "Thank you for publishing such a wonderful book. It really helped and validated many of my experiences. It really hit home! It has been quite a ride but you summed it up in such a good way. Anyway I am grateful."
Inspirational thoughts and photography from the island of Maui, Hawaii. Photography and text by Alana Kay Soft Cover only Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
A story about a little baby bird who is excited about growing up and being able to fly like the other birds he sees among the trees in the meadow where he lives with his supportive parents. Throughout his journey they help him to be patient with the process of becoming himself. By Ginny Clark Soft Cover only Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
 By Ginny Clark Soft Cover only, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Available as an ebook on all retail outlets Deepen all of the aspects needed to become the intuitive being you are meant to be. By Alana Kay
Earth has ascended. Love is the operating system. Heaven on Earth is our collective destiny. This book has everything you need to know to get your feet wet so you can immerse yourself in the new energy and make the shift from 3D to 5D: *Gain a new positive perspective *Learn how to live an intuitive lifestyle *Embrace your highest potential *Stay centered amidst the chaos of change *Become the change you want to see in the world *Live an authentic life We are magnificent beings on a magnificent planet. The light and the dark have struggled for control throughout our history here. The light is now the dominant energy and the grid work that supports our ascent is firmly in place. It is time to put the past behind us, both individually and collectively. When we learn to work with this heightened energy, we will co-create a whole new world. E book available on all outlets. Available as soft cover on Amazon and B&N.